Arts Rising
Evolving Together.
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Our Story


The Beginnings

Arts Rising began as a broad idea among the recently reformed board of directors of the Penticton City Arts Council, in the last few winter months of 2016. A rag tag group of passionate artists, covering multi-generations and multi-disciplines came together under the established council, and threw down as many ideas as they could. In that pile was a full arts festival for the shoulder season of Penticton's summer tourism industry, and a few discussions later, a hilarious naming session, Arts Rising was born. 

Arts Rising is for the community, for the artists, and will hopefully be for the years to come. 


Arts Rising Crew



Laurel Burnham

Laurel uses her talents of motivation and her immaculate vocabulary to keep us all moving forward and most importantly, with smiles on our faces. Laurel is the Vice President of the Arts Council, as well as the overall Director for Arts Rising. 



Assistant Director/Artwear Coordinator

Vaelei Walkden-Brown

Vaelei Walkden-Brown is the ball of energy that keeps us all together. She is both the Executive Director for the Arts Council, as well as the committee chair for the ARTwear portion of this arts festival. 



Reimagine Coordinator

Petra Höller

Petra has taken on the task of bringing back the ReImagine Street Art festival as a part of Arts Rising, and she comes with her own infectious goal smashing attitude. Petra is one of the members of the Board of Director for the Arts council, and an amazing artist herself!



Snakebite Coordinator

Chelsea Terry

Chelsea has always had a passion for film, and now working with Carl Meadows to bring together Snakebite Film Festival, has been a passion filling buffet. Thanks to Arts Rising they were brought together to come up with a new and all encompassing idea for the art of film making.  Chelsea is also a PDCAC Director.



snakebite Coordinator

Carl Meadows

Carl is a self described humanist, poet, and natural leader. Having participated in creating film festivals in the past, the combination of Carl and Chelsea is perfect to get things done. Carl is the Head Administrator for the Penticton Regional Hospital. 



Music Coordinator

Dale Boyd

Dale is a man. A man with a plan. A man who likes music. He wants the festival to have good music, and we think he'll do just fine. Dale is also a director for the PDCAC and writes pretty great articles in the Penticton Western.



Theatre coordinator

Isaac Gilbert

Head of the Peach Gravy Theatre Cooperative, Isaac is an actor extraordinaire, one of the co-organizers of Pecha Kucha Penticton, founder of a tool share cooperative, and an avid cyclist. As I could not source out much information on him before the website went live, he shall be known for now as a myth, a legend, and a mystery. 



Branding coordinator

Skyler Punnett

Skyler is a dork, but he is pretty good at hiding it with his suave demeanour and helpful charm. He is the guiding light behind the branding of Arts Rising, and we all think it looks pretty great. Skyler also coordinates Pecha Kucha Penticton, a speaker series that will open up our Festival on Thursday the 21st. 




Sharon Lawrence

Sharon is the glue, staples, AND paperclips that keep us all going. Especially this particular website, as she was the final say in paying for it, so thanks Sharon! Sharon is an artist herself, and has more than once brought her sewing delights to PDCAC craft fairs. She really is the best, and we couldn't do it without her. Sharon is also admin for the Arts Council and can often be seen giggling away inside the Leir House offices with Vaelei.