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Evolving Together.
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Evolving Together.

 September 21 - 24, 2017 


MUSIc, theatre, dance

Committed to showcasing local talent, bringing new and experimental acts, as well as providing music for all ages, the musical accompaniment to this festival will be reactive, interactive, and more than just your average concert. Peach Gravy Theatre Cooperative has partnered with us to bring improv workshops, dinner theatre acts and live players to grace the halls of other various events. 

Workshops and talks

Arts Rising will keep you busy from dusk till dawn providing a huge variety of workshops and discussions from painting, creativity corners for kids, photography collectives, and everything in between. Kicking off the weekend we will begin with Pecha Kucha Vol. 9, a short speaker series highlighting a specific topic integral to the arts. 

FILM & TElevision

Snakebite Film Festival will be running a 48 hour film contest shortly before Arts Rising, and has partnered up with us to screen local, provincial, and national Canadian films, both short form and long, capping off the weekend with the contest entries and prize ceremony.


Wearable Arts

Artwear is a fashion show created by and for artists, sewers, and upcyclers alike. Created with reused materials, this fashion show was a major success last year and we are happy to bring it back in a big way as a part of our Art Evolution.

Street Art

Way back in the distant past Penticton had a street Art Festival called ReImagine, an idea put forth to combat graffiti and to work with businesses and artists to create murals to adorn our city streets. Arts Rising is committed to bringing this back, and to expand on this idea by offering more than just murals, but pop up performance art and more.


visual arts and design

Open houses, an art walk, and art buses from a variety of communities will be accompanying our festival, as well as craft shows, installations, and so much more! Partnering with Felt's Photo services to highlight photography, as well as the Penticton Art Gallery, you are bound to see something amazing. 



Evolving Together

This September we are excited to present the inauguration of Arts Rising Penticton; a four day multi disciplinary, multi venue arts festival.  Arts Rising is about the celebration of the power of art to unite, build and change community.

The very nature of art is the act of creation.  When the world around us seems to be descending in to chaos what can we best do but find strength, power and courage in creating together?  John M. Eger, the Van Deerlin Endowed Chair of Communications and Public Policy, Inaugural Zahn Professor of Creativity and Innovation and Director of the Creative Economy Initiative at San Diego State University speaks of the importance of the arts in the creation of community.  “Fashioning creative communities is essential to developing and attracting the type of bright and creative people that generate new patents and inventions, innovative world-class products and services and the finance and marketing plans to support them. If we don’t first have smart and creative people we cannot have creative workplaces or communities.”

The vision of Arts Rising Penticton is to showcase and celebrate the important work our artists do in adding to the vitality and growth of our community.  Through integrative and innovative programming Arts Rising Penticton will unite and activate artists, arts organizations, small businesses, specialist consultants and contractors, city staff and the general public. 




Contact Us

If you are having any trouble finding what you are looking for on this site, please feel free to send us a question or comment. This Festival is for the entire community so your input is hugely important to us. Ask us about volunteer opportunities, artist applications, scheduling, or anything you can think of! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Penticton & District Community Arts Council


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